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unicorn island birthday campaign 

Unicorn Island is a non-profit organization focused on empowering girls to live their lives without barriers and biases across different cultures.

In honor of Lilly's 35th birthday, she wanted to specifically raise funds for Unicorn Island in relation to helping tell the stories of young women in India who are systematically undervalued. To do so, we created a campaign for her that helped spread awareness about her mission as well as highlight some of the realities that women in India endure. In regards to the design of the campaign, we drew inspiration from Lily being a true “90s kid” to create a vintage yearbook meets contemporary editorial look. The bright palette and funky title font gives it a playful contrast to the unnerving and very real statistics that are present in each of the superlatives. Overall, the campaign was a huge success with

Lily reaching her 35K goal in less than a week.



Lilly_Bday23_Superlative6-Freeze-Frame_4x5_OA_v1 (0_00_07_00).png
Lilly_Bday23_Superlative1-Freeze-Frame_4x5_OA_v1 (0_00_07_36).png
Lilly_Bday23_Superlative5-Freeze-Frame_4x5_OA_v1 (0_00_07_21).png
Lilly_Bday23_Superlative2-Freeze-Frame_4x5_OA_v1 (0_00_10_01).png

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ecd: Bobby Solomon art director: Olivia Accardo designer: me

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