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Tyler "Ninja" Belvins is one of the biggest gaming streamers in the world. While working with Ninja, we expanded his presence in the gaming world as well as his reach beyond gaming. From launching his podcast to becoming the first ever multi-cast streamer, Ninja has remained at the top of the streaming industry and has become one of the most renowned gamers of all time. 

I'm live everywhere 

We helped Ninja once again become a pioneer in the gaming world with making him the first streamer to simulcast from all the largest platforms. This proved to be such a success that Twitch changed it's guidelines to allow simulcasting for all its creators. 

AFK with Ninja

AFK is a common gaming term used to mean "away from keyboard". This is the basis for what Ninja wanted his podcast to focus on, everything and anything outside of gaming that interests him. I got the opportunity to brand this podcast in a style that felt different from anything else Ninja had done, but still lived within the world of Ninja and his brand. 

Ninja_AFK_Steve Aoki _1x1_Rt_v01.jpg

twitch tile 

youtube thumbnails 

I 3D designed Ninja's thumbnails for his gaming content. 

ecd: Bobby Solomon cd: Sam Dworkin designers: me, Brian Aviles

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